Sunday, May 26, 2024

Crytpo lobbying and campaign cash in search of lax regulation

High-profile crypto fraud cases have not prevented the House from passing a bill aimed at switching crypto regulation from the SEC -- where Gary Gensler wants to institute strict regulation to protect investors -- to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which seems poised to let crypto cowboys have their way. Campaign donations from crypto-related donors and crypto-linked PACs are spending hundreds of millions. The article shows the Top 10 who received crypto support. The House bill passed with near-unanimous Republican support and dozens of Dems also approving. [NOTE: Candidate Alsobrooks has received crypto cash support. Not sure about others in Maryland - Charlie Cooper]

Charlie Cooper

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Supreme Court lets anti-Black, anti-Democrat districts stand in South Carolina

The Supreme Court has ruled that partisan gerrymandering is "not justiciable." Congress could outlaw it, but that was defeated on January 20, 2022 when senators Sinema and Manchin -- and all the Republicans -- thought that the filibuster rule is more important than non-partisan districts. Now the Court has overturned a federal District Court ruling that the South Carolina Congressional map is a racial gerrymander. The majority opinion by Justice Alito said that the lower court clearly erred in calling it a racial gerrymander, when it is actually a partisan, pro-Republican gerrymander. Therefore, the skewed map will stand.

Charlie Cooper

A second flag associated with Jan 6 rioters flown at Alito house

The "Appeal to Heaven" flag was flown at a beach house owned by Justice Alito in 2023. Activists have charged that the flying of such a flag (including the upside-down U.S. flag previously reported) indicates a sympathy with election deniers who believe Trump's debunked claims of 2020 presidential election fraud and should be grounds for Alito to recuse from any Trump-related cases. Both Alito and Chief Justice Roberts have been silent.

Charlie Cooper

Monday, May 20, 2024

New York Mayor under investigation for campaign violations

SCOTUS Purcell rule harms voters

The Supreme Court has adopted the Purcell rule, which states that federal courts should not change election rules "too close" to an upcoming election -- even if the rules in place violate federal laws. Of course, the purpose of changing the rules would be to guarantee an equal right to vote, but the Court felt that changes too close to an election could do greater harm than disenfranchising some voters by confusing a greater number of voters. This article criticizes the rule on several grounds:
  • The rule was adopted on the shadow docket, without arguments or a signed opinion.
  • There is no definition of what is "too close," and the Court invoked the rule 9 months before an election to keep (probably) unfair Congressional districts in place in Alabama.
  • Traditional rules for deciding these cases could taken voter confusion into account amongst other factors and weight the relative harms of each.
Charlie Cooper

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Friday, May 17, 2024

Big money fared poorly in Baltimore City

One candidate with public campaign financing is neck and neck with Council member Eric Costello, an ally of right-wing ideologue David Smith and "darling of developers and downtown businessmen."

Charlie Cooper